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July 4th, 2013 by Rose

Rozelle Cafe Crawl

It was a dark and rainy day when

The hardest thing about

The road to hell is paved with

Fuck it, am so out of practice. So Sara and I went out to breakfast one Saturday. It was that rainy Saturday a few weeks back – you know the one, the one where you went “aaargh” when you woke up.

The plan was to go to Manly, but we settled for Rozelle as we were both on a quest to find a dress for a 50s night. We hoofed it to La Grande Bouffe first and only just made it in time for breakfast. La Grande Bouffe, being quite civilised, finishes its breakfast service at 11.30am – there are a few all day items on the menu but the options for these aren’t as ridiculously plentiful as the all day breakfasts from most places around here. So with 5 minutes to spare, I ordered:

Oeufs sur le Plat with Wilted Spinach and Truffled Mushroom Duxelles

Oeufa sur le Plat with Wilted Spinach and Truffled Mushroom Duxelles – yeah I totally copied and pasted this from their online menu, you wanna make something of it? Duxelles, if you’ve not had it before, is a sautee of finely minced mushrooms. You may recognise it as one of the primary components in beef wellingtons.

Sara had the croque madame with fried egg:

Croque madame

This filled me with breakfast envy. Even more so after she kindly let me sample it.

Then we went to the vintage clothing store where Sara scored a couple of shiny clutches. Flush with shopping success, Sara suggested that we continue eating the rest of the day. I wasn’t going to say no but the back of my brain did go “hold on, aren’t you going to Tommy’s beer cafe tonight?”

I drowned the concerned voice in sangria and a smoked salmon bruschetta at Rosebud.


Sangria was delicious, bruschetta was only so-so. The last time I was here (granted, it was probably last year), the bruschetta was served with white anchovies and I preferred that version by miles.

Ignoring the increasingly high pitched shrieking of my sense of self preservation, we continued on to Corner Bar, one of my favourite locals. Open for all three meals with WINE (possibly not for breakfast though).

We had:


Pulled pork sliders awwww yeah. These had jalapenos, some sort of spicy mayonnaise thing, cheese and crushed corn chips on top.


Crispy chicken wings with barbeque sauce

Totally as good as they look. They also have one of the best bathrooms I’ve seen, though I have to admit I did wince at the ultra-hipsterness of it all.

We only stopped eating because both of us had dinner plans. I rolled home, took a nap, braved the rain to Tommy’s Beer Cafe and had this:



(Turns out, I’m a bit shit at writing endings to blog posts too)


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  1. lol the first paragraph is always the hardest. That Croque Madame, on the other hand, would be an easy decision.

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