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October 22nd, 2013

Melbourne and stuff

I turned 32 last month. I like to think that I’ve come a long way from last year. With the help of good friends I’ve got my shit (almost) in order, I have a cute little apartment (with a particular emphasis on “little”), and I’m dating someone who’s pretty freaking great.

To congratulate myself on a job well done I booked a weekend away in Melbourne with Mr Gif in tow. We stayed at Hotel Lindrum (which I will recommend forever) where cake and flowers from friends await. The weekend was off to an awesome start, aside from the hangover from the birthday party the night before.

I didn’t take too many photos of the food but here are some I took when I’m not otherwise drunk or feeling too self-conscious.

1/11 Collins St, Melbourne
Chicken tostaditas

Chicken tostaditas with avocado, chipotle mayo and queso fresco. Delicious, crispy, more-ish.


Eat ALL the food – pancita de cerdo (braised pork belly), plaintain crisps, beans and tortillas.


A closeup of the braised pork belly cos I love youse all. The green bits are deep fried parsley, genius. It tastes as good as it looks FYI.

Mr Gif and I went to Mamasita very early on a Saturday – about 12pm – so we didn’t run into the infamous Mamasita queue. Service was great and food was even better. I don’t queue for restaurants anymore cos I hardly find any worth the wait, but I’d line up for Mamasita. Only for maybe 15 minutes, though.

Papa Goose
91-93 Flinders Ln

This was a bit of a weird one. The restaurant was completely empty when we went (admittedly it was at 12pm on the dot since we had a plane to catch), and the only other people to show up were a couple maybe an hour or so after we arrived. The food was great, so could just be a city on a weekend emptiness, idk.

This was our last meal of the trip after a LOT of eating, so we were pretty defeated at this point. Foolishly we still ordered the Sunday roast which was good value at the price of $50 p.p. for two courses (you’ll see why in a minute).


Entree of charcuterie board with pickles and croquettes.


MASSIVE roast lamb with Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables. Seriously this would’ve fed about four people it was so big. I almost wish I’d gone to the gym that morning so I’d have more space but, y’know, on holiday and all that.

We also went to MoVida on our first night and The European for my birthday dinner. Both incredible as always.

Mr Gif asked me last night if I’m happy. In short, yes. I’m still stressed out and anxious about a lot of things but really, they’re no big deal now compared to the ball of tightly wound rubber band I was a year ago. It’s amazing what difference 12 months make – here’s to another year of kicking ass.



August 27th, 2013

The weekend in haiku

Pimento made this
Amazing arcade table
He’s a genius

Arcade table motherfuckers

Oh but wait there’s more
He also made sausage rolls
Ladies, he’s single

Sossij rolls

Yeah that’s right bitches
Braised pork belly in a bun
Jealous? You should be

Braised pork belly inna bun

Mr Gif chipped in
Made him chop all the chillies
Because I’m a wimp

Motherfuckin chillies

Although, looking back
Wasn’t the best idea
That stuff really burns

May 27th, 2013


Recipe from Grab Your Fork. Thanks for helping me get laid, Helen!

Ribs for your pleasure


May 25th, 2013

That thing where you expose just that little bit more about yourself

Cooking for someone I don’t know very well tonight. Don’t know if it’s just me but I feel a bit of anxiety when I have to do this. I mean I know I’ve more issues than a magazine anyways but I guess it’s a thing, right, when you grow up in a family where physical affection is rare so you make up for it with other ways to tell the other person you think they’re pretty swell. E.g. home cooked meals, gifts, monetary bribes, ignoring them for days on end cos you’re awkward with your feelings etc.

Tonight I’ll be making braised pork ribs, noodles and blanched veggies cos life’s too short to make anything more complicated. If it all goes to shit at least the pizza place is just round the corner.

October 17th, 2009

Gumshara Ramen

Today, I paid a visit to Gumshara Ramen in the Eating World food court on Dixon St.


The promise of smooth skin is pretty appealing.

It's like being hit in the face with a pork brick.

It’s like being hit in the face with a pork brick. The soup is of a thick gravy consistency, so the whole thing tastes more like noodle stew. This, my friends, is EXTREME ramen.

You can find a review of Gumshara Ramen here.