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July 4th, 2013

Rozelle Cafe Crawl

It was a dark and rainy day when

The hardest thing about

The road to hell is paved with

Fuck it, am so out of practice. So Sara and I went out to breakfast one Saturday. It was that rainy Saturday a few weeks back – you know the one, the one where you went “aaargh” when you woke up.

The plan was to go to Manly, but we settled for Rozelle as we were both on a quest to find a dress for a 50s night. We hoofed it to La Grande Bouffe first and only just made it in time for breakfast. La Grande Bouffe, being quite civilised, finishes its breakfast service at 11.30am – there are a few all day items on the menu but the options for these aren’t as ridiculously plentiful as the all day breakfasts from most places around here. So with 5 minutes to spare, I ordered:

Oeufs sur le Plat with Wilted Spinach and Truffled Mushroom Duxelles

Oeufa sur le Plat with Wilted Spinach and Truffled Mushroom Duxelles – yeah I totally copied and pasted this from their online menu, you wanna make something of it? Duxelles, if you’ve not had it before, is a sautee of finely minced mushrooms. You may recognise it as one of the primary components in beef wellingtons.

Sara had the croque madame with fried egg:

Croque madame

This filled me with breakfast envy. Even more so after she kindly let me sample it.

Then we went to the vintage clothing store where Sara scored a couple of shiny clutches. Flush with shopping success, Sara suggested that we continue eating the rest of the day. I wasn’t going to say no but the back of my brain did go “hold on, aren’t you going to Tommy’s beer cafe tonight?”

I drowned the concerned voice in sangria and a smoked salmon bruschetta at Rosebud.


Sangria was delicious, bruschetta was only so-so. The last time I was here (granted, it was probably last year), the bruschetta was served with white anchovies and I preferred that version by miles.

Ignoring the increasingly high pitched shrieking of my sense of self preservation, we continued on to Corner Bar, one of my favourite locals. Open for all three meals with WINE (possibly not for breakfast though).

We had:


Pulled pork sliders awwww yeah. These had jalapenos, some sort of spicy mayonnaise thing, cheese and crushed corn chips on top.


Crispy chicken wings with barbeque sauce

Totally as good as they look. They also have one of the best bathrooms I’ve seen, though I have to admit I did wince at the ultra-hipsterness of it all.

We only stopped eating because both of us had dinner plans. I rolled home, took a nap, braved the rain to Tommy’s Beer Cafe and had this:



(Turns out, I’m a bit shit at writing endings to blog posts too)

February 12th, 2010

About Life, Rozelle

I’ve written an entry on About Life before in my now defunct blog. Last week, the SO suggested that we have breakfast there since we usually come down there for lunch. With Pimento in tow, we walked down to Rozelle.

About Life is probably one of the more expensive places to eat around here. The menu states that they use “100% clean ingredients and as much organic as is seasonally possible”. That’s cool, I don’t mind paying a little bit more for good food. They’re also very accommodating when it comes to people’s dietary needs – there are heaps of vegetarian options (even vegan!) and there are little legends on the side of menu items for things that are vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, low fat, low sugar and low GI.

The real test however, as we all know, is in the taste.

The SO ordered the big breakfast – “including natural smokehouse bacon and chorizo, with organic eggs your style, char grilled field mushrooms and slow roasted organic roma tomatoes”. I’m an idiot because I forgot to note down the price of the meal, but it was a bit more than $15, and even more if you get the optional coffee and orange juice. It was OK. I reckon the best part of the breakfast was the giant field mushroom, it was nice and meaty and perfectly seasoned. The SO isn’t a big fan of the bacon, which was a bit too crisp for his taste and a bit bland. I think it’s because there’s less sodium in these (a good thing IMO).

Pimento got the bacon and egg roll. This was also… OK. There are a lot of green bits. I personally don’t think green bits belong on a bacon and egg roll but well, this is About Life we’re talking about. This was also kind of expensive for some bacon, and egg and lots of green bits on a bun. What’s that? Organic? Oh, right.

This bacon and egg roll took agesss to arrive, which brings me to the service at About Life. They’re very friendly but damn bro things fall apart a little bit when it’s busy. My SO and I were nearly finished with our meals before Pimento’s arrive, even though we placed all of our orders on the one ticket.

I got the vegan breakfast – “scrambled tofu with spinach, spanish onion and roast pumpkin relish with sumac”. This was very tasty but sweet (they’ve stirred through the relish instead of having it as a side). I was actually taken aback by how sweet it was, but I was doing fine until about 2/3 of the way through when the sweetness started getting to me a little bit. The soy and linseed bread was very good so props to About Life for that.

There’s just one little thing. Protip: Don’t give away one of those little butter packets with a VEGAN breakfast. It was busy though so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and just say it’s an oversight. It’s awesome that they even have vegan options (that’s right bitches, PLURAL) on the menu. I’m not vegetarian, but I know how annoying it is to try and get vegetarian, let alone vegan stuff around here without resorting to chips and a green salad. Or a veg option that’s not just egg and cheese.

This reminds me of an anecdote: I once got the “vegetarian breakfast” from a place that shall not be named (irrelevant – the business is now closed) and found a piece of ham hock in my beans. I asked them about it and they were apologetic and said that a piece of bacon “fell” in the beans. Right. I’m pretty bloody sure that the ham hock is part of the recipe because I can tell the difference. I’m just sayin’, if you cook your stuff with bits of meat/meat-based stock/sauces, it’s not vegetarian even if you remove all the meat.

Wow that turned into a super rant. Did you know that I love to read vegan blogs in my spare time? Well, now you know.

In summary – I love the concept of About Life as a “natural food market” and appreciate the fact that the menu’s mostly organic AND caters to all sorts of dietary needs, but it’s overpriced and the service gets super slow when it’s busy.

About Life
605 Darling St., Rozelle
(02) 8755 1333

Oh and here’s a thing that I got from Bertoni Casalinga today!

It’s a ricotta cheesecake with coffee beans on top. Oh man, the first time I’ve had the ricotta cheesecake was probably one and a half years ago and I’ve been waiting for it to make a comeback all this time. Well it’s back and I got two slices. It’s really good and surprisingly light. If you’re in Balmain you should get there quicksmart and get yourself a slice before I buy the rest of it it’s all gone.

December 7th, 2009

This and That

If you’re too lazy to follow me on Twitter but for some reason still want to follow the blog, the handy chart below shows that the best day to check FFY is Sunday:


Please note though that (a) I’m very bad at Maths despite Asian ethnicity and (b) I’ve been known to make shit up sometimes (a lot).

Some stuff what I’ve had this week:


My SO’s green eggs and ham from All About Romana’s, Balmain. Scrambled eggs with pesto and fetta, served with ham, toast and rocket leaves. The eggs are delicious, but my SO thinks it could use a bit more fetta.


My vegetarian big breakfast from All About Romana’s. Ehhhhhhh. The best bit of this breakfast was the spinach, eggs and toast. I don’t know, the rest of it tasted kind of gross to be honest. The texture of the mushrooms was pretty strange – very dense and a little bit like tinned champignons. The “hash browns” are the grossest bit though. When I got them I was like AWESOME FRIED POTATO PANCAKE-FRITTER LOVECHILD and well there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be awesome but when I bit into them all I tasted was raw batter, and the insides ooze out in a very unappetising way.


Delicious tofu ramen from Ichiban Boshi, Galeries Victoria. I’ve always loved the ramen there and I was stoked to see a vegetarian option. I’m doing this thing at the moment where I try and stay vegetarian (pescaterian occasionally) for breakfast and lunch. The tofu ramen has generous slices of tempura-battered tofu in a miso-based soup.


Maple latte from Vargas Bar Expresso, Newtown. I found out that day that the combination of maple syrup and coffee is a delightful taste sensation.

I also went to Redoak pub for dinner this weekend but that probably deserves its own post.

September 13th, 2009

Balmain eats

I live in Balmain – there’s no shortage of places to go for a lazy breakfast here.

19 October 2008

Breakfast at La Bohème followed by a trip to Adriano Zumbo.


La Boheme Breakfast – fried ham topped with fried eggs, rye bread, beetroot and pickles.


May’s pick. Little Big Breakfast – a one-serve portion of everything you get in a big breakfast.


My pick (and one of my favourite breakfasts ever), Veggie Feast – fresh tomatoes, avocado, wholegrain toast topped with ricotta & wilted spinach, a poached egg and capsicum spread.


A selection of cakes at Adriano Zumbo. This was back when there were no long lines outside his shop every weekend (good for him, bad for me, excellent for my thighs).