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October 9th, 2011 by Rose

Hey guys I’m 30

I turned 30 last month. I’ve been freaking out about turning 30 almost all of last year but it wasn’t too bad really.

Here are the good bits:

  • Spent most of my birthday week drunk or hungover or both
  • Birthday dinner at Marque (post on this coming, I swear)
  • Second birthday dinner at Flying Fajita Sistas, where I forgot to take photos
  • Bought the 15th anniversary K boxset as a present for myself
  • People giving me lots and lots of booze as gifts

The bad bits:

  • I’m 30
  • “It’s all downhill from here!” type comments
  • Confusion re wardrobe. Should I get rid of my young people clothes now?
  • Noticeably slower metabolism
  • Anxiety around mortality etc

Is this where I clean up my act and be a proper grown up?

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