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January 3rd, 2010 by Rose

Perth 2009: Westward Bound

I’m back – sporting a tan and a slightly fatter belly.

For Christmas this year my partner and I decided to go on a holiday to Perth. I studied in Perth for 4 years and my bff BusinessClass (who I will refer to often in my Perth entries) still lives there. I haven’t been back for about 5 years so I was pretty excited.


The holiday started with our traditional airport food: Hungry Jack’s. Sure, it was 7 in the morning and starting the day with a slightly suspicious cheeseburger is normally a Bad Idea but these sorts of rules don’t apply when you’re travelling. Also, a $2.50 cheeseburger > $8 cheese and tomato croissant. The burger was fucking delicious.

I was terribly restless throughout the flight – we were on one of the older planes that don’t have individual TVs on the back of seats so I resorted to poking my SO and demanding to be entertained, which earned me the title of Worst Flight Companion Ever. We did a cryptic crossword and solved two clues, then a normal crossword and solved about 6. I heard that cryptic crosswords help prevent Alzheimers, so looking at how we’re going I guess I’ll just need to save up to go to Mexico for barbiturates before it sets in.

I skipped the flight breakfast. My SO got the scrambled eggs, the fool! We landed without incident and my SO managed to get through the 5 hours without strangling me.

BusinessClass picked us up from the airport and we exchanged excited squeals. My SO and I rented a flat in Fremantle (“Freo” to locals), so BC suggested that we go to the Little Creatures Brewery for lunch.


The Brewery is huge – on a nice sunny day though you want to be at the back outside. The inside is nice and impressive and all, but well, it smells kind of like off fish and beer. The Brewery is also connected to the Creatures Loft for the artsy crowd. The Loft regularly features art showings and bands etc. I didn’t go because I only want to get shitfaced.

Speaking of getting shitfaced:


I had a pint of Pipsqueak cider. It was nice and light and fizzy. Not very apple-y, but I don’t have cider very often so I don’t have anything to compare it to.


The three of us shared a bowl of the best chilli mussels I’ve ever tasted in my life. Big claim, oh yes, but well-deserved. The chilli tomato sauce doesn’t skimp on garlic and chilli. I could easily finish a bucket of this. The only thing they do skimp on is the bread. There’s shitloads of sauce left over so make sure you ask for more bread to soak them up.


We also shared the harissa lamb pizza. This was also amazing – the lamb is well seasoned and went exceptionally well with the crumbled fetta. Crust is thin and crispy. I hate that there are burnt bits but I guess you can’t really help that with traditional pizza ovens. I’m picky, sue me. That’s BusinessClass’ thumb you see in the photo. You will be seeing more of it in my Perth entries.


Chips, or frites if you want to be a ponce (or French). These are fried with skin on.

Food is a bit expensive but that’s really to be expected somewhere touristy. Service is kind of meh, since the brewery seems to be staffed entirely by European backpackers. Not to say that all European backpackers are shit at waiting tables, but they seemed overwhelmed and look like they’d rather be at the beach, and who could blame them? Check it – below are a few pics of South Freo beach:


If you don’t want to get on a plane right now and go there, you should.



Little Creatures Brewery
40 Mews Road, Fremantle
08 9430 5555

Next post: gelato and delicious Italian food!


12 Responses to “Perth 2009: Westward Bound”
  1. ZOMG Was there last year, and spent every spare moment there eating those mussels and drinking pipsqueak. Fucking YUM.

  2. Oh my – can’t wait to hear more about Perth – I’ve got a trip planned in May so I will have to get some tips from you – except maybe the Hungry Jacks!

  3. Can’t wait for more of the Perth round-up =) Happy new year, again!

  4. @Reemski – how good are the mussels?? I wish I went there a second time but my schedule was pretty much packed.

    @Trissa – I don’t have pictures (because I suck), but make some time to go down to Floreat Beach and uh… the dog beach at City Beach (I don’t think it has a name, but dogs are allowed there w/out leashes). Less touristy and crowded, but has gorgeous clear water and white sand.

    @mademoiselle – Happy new year to you too! There will be a couple more entries on Perth – I didn’t really do too much eating of note because time was spent on catching up with friends.

  5. I haven’t been to Perth although I have lived in Sydney for 10 years. Good food and great pictures. You sure had a great time :) Looking forward to more about the city of Perth :)

  6. wow, love the gorgeous blue skies! i had to laugh at your distaste of the burnt bits of the pizza – they’re my favourite part, but then i have a strange obsession with alleged carcinogens! lol

  7. ahah i see your friend’s sneaky thumbs up.. I guess those frites must be good
    they look the same as chips fried with skins off! ?

  8. *Cries* I miss Perth! I grew up there and I’ll always consider myself a lil Perth girl at heart :(

    I love Freo and I love Little Creatures. Perth kicks the rest of Australia in the arse when it comes to beautiful beaches. I wanna goooooo

  9. @Ellie I have to admit, it’s good only when you have people to catch up with or if you plan to do outdoorsy things.

    @Helen – maybe it’s an age thing. I used to LOVE burnt bits and now I can’t stand them!

    @Grace – they’re pretty much chips… good chips, though!

    @Karen – omg YES. The beaches here are absolutely amazing. I went to Floreat Beach and erm, the “dog beach” (I don’t think it has a name, it’s near City Beach) and they were absolutely beautiful.

  10. I am an idiot. People keep saying how good the chilli mussels are here, and I live in Perth, and yet I still have not had them. Soon, my stomach, soon I will fix this horrible oversight.

  11. BusinessClass says

    How good is my thumbs up?!

  12. BusinessClass says

    Also, the burnt bits on a pizza are the best!!!

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