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November 6th, 2009 by Rose

Macaron Day at Adriano Zumbo

Today is Adriano Zumbo‘s birthday, and he’s celebrating by working his (and his teams’) arse off for Macaron Day – the shop is selling 60 different flavours of macarons today only. The website has a list of some of the macaron flavours on sale.


As expected, it was a bit of a squeeze at the shop (which is the size of a three office cubicles) as die hard foodies flock to get their hot little hands on the goods. I felt super self conscious because there were heaps of people, so excuse the shit photos but when were they ever not shit?


Zumbo peeps hard at work. They deserve a hard drink by the time this is over.


Some of the macarons on sale – they’re walking out the door with the speed of… well, Zumbo cakes on a weekend.


SUCCESS. I went in a second time to get a random pack of 12 for a friend as well (and had a quick chat with the man himself but was much too shy to ask for a photo). I can’t even remember what flavours I got, I think I got overwhelmed and just got the dude to give me a random 6. Off the top of my head I got – chocolate and red wine, avocado, Caramello Koala, Turkish Delight, bacon pancake & maple syrup, French toast, blackcurrant, carrot cake, green tea and cheesecake.

Next post when I have gathered strength to taste 12 macarons: deciphering mystery macaron flavours!


2 Responses to “Macaron Day at Adriano Zumbo”
  1. omg how did I miss an avocado macaron!
    and carrot cake! what did you like best? the only one I got to try out of your ten was the bacon pancake one

  2. My favourite one has got to be the carrot cake one. The chocolate and red wine came a close second omg it’s so good.

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