Things you've never dreamed of

November 21st, 2009

Yogen Fruz, World Square


Yogen Fruz is kind of like the Cold Rock of frozen yoghurts. You pick a yoghurt – low fat vanilla, low fat chocolate, no fat vanilla and no fat no sugar no joy vanilla – and you blend it with fruit or top it with stuff. So uh, not really like Cold Rock.

Their frozen yoghurt is supposedly guilt free – a small serving of their low fat vanilla has about 120 calories (10% of your daily calorie intake if you’re on a diet) and 3 grams of fat. I’ll admit to only trying it because I love love love their logo and shop design. I mean, pastel blue and pink with a smiley face? Sign me for that shit.


The first time I tried Yogen Fruz I bought a no fat no sugar vanilla blended with strawberries. When I had it I thought it tasted kind of shit (the no fat no sugar was a bad idea in hindsight), but I switched to low fat vanilla the second time and was hooked. It’s very creamy and tastes decadent for something that’s only 120 calories. It’s pretty expensive at $4.25 for a small serving (no discounts for plain, bah) but a small serve is pretty big.

I didn’t get a picture of the yoghurt today because I was trying to balance two bags and was feeling pretty self conscious about taking pics when I’m on my own, so here’s an MS Paint version of it:


I’d recommend it if you’re on a diet and want something light for dessert, but at that price it’s not something that I’d get regularly.

Yogen Fruz
Lower Ground Floor, World Square
680 George St., Sydney

Because I was feeling self-righteous about having a “good” dessert, I stopped by Adriano Zumbo to check out his new collection of cakes and got this:


I can’t remember what this is called, something like Aleissa’s Got Nice Buns or similar. Their website isn’t updated with the new range of cakes yet so I can’t tell you what’s in it. I’m pretty sure the green stuff is made with pistachios though.