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December 7th, 2009

This and That

If you’re too lazy to follow me on Twitter but for some reason still want to follow the blog, the handy chart below shows that the best day to check FFY is Sunday:


Please note though that (a) I’m very bad at Maths despite Asian ethnicity and (b) I’ve been known to make shit up sometimes (a lot).

Some stuff what I’ve had this week:


My SO’s green eggs and ham from All About Romana’s, Balmain. Scrambled eggs with pesto and fetta, served with ham, toast and rocket leaves. The eggs are delicious, but my SO thinks it could use a bit more fetta.


My vegetarian big breakfast from All About Romana’s. Ehhhhhhh. The best bit of this breakfast was the spinach, eggs and toast. I don’t know, the rest of it tasted kind of gross to be honest. The texture of the mushrooms was pretty strange – very dense and a little bit like tinned champignons. The “hash browns” are the grossest bit though. When I got them I was like AWESOME FRIED POTATO PANCAKE-FRITTER LOVECHILD and well there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be awesome but when I bit into them all I tasted was raw batter, and the insides ooze out in a very unappetising way.


Delicious tofu ramen from Ichiban Boshi, Galeries Victoria. I’ve always loved the ramen there and I was stoked to see a vegetarian option. I’m doing this thing at the moment where I try and stay vegetarian (pescaterian occasionally) for breakfast and lunch. The tofu ramen has generous slices of tempura-battered tofu in a miso-based soup.


Maple latte from Vargas Bar Expresso, Newtown. I found out that day that the combination of maple syrup and coffee is a delightful taste sensation.

I also went to Redoak pub for dinner this weekend but that probably deserves its own post.