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February 6th, 2010 by Rose

(Part of) Tonight’s Dinner

Look at these goddamn deep fried zucchini flowers. They’re stuffed with ricotta and goat’s cheese and chives and fancy shit your B-grade celebrity chefs get their pants wet over. You know you want to eat the shit out of these fuckers goddamn



6 Responses to “(Part of) Tonight’s Dinner”
  1. They do look rather good ….

  2. I want to eat the shit out of them, wipe my mouth and go back for more.

  3. yeah, awesome *chomps*

  4. Fuck Yeah ! Fry that…. up ; )

  5. I love them mofo zucchini flowers

  6. They look lovely – where did you get the zucchini flowers? I’ve been looking for some.

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