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January 20th, 2010 by Rose

Perth 2009: A Very Merry Christmas

This is a long overdue post, and after an emotionally draining weekend it’s good to look through happy photos.

Ever since I told BusinessClass that I was coming over to Perth for Christmas, we’ve been brainstorming themes for our Christmas lunch. BC picked up two cactus-shaped candlesticks from a church sale and suggested a Mexican themed Christmas lunch. As fate would have it, the SO was given a bottle of tequila from a Mexican friend last September. Life has a way of working itself out.


Our Christmas lunch, hosted at our humble rented apartment in Freo. Yes, we used Old Del Paso burrito kits (crumbed chicken & beef) – haters to the left plz. We also had crackers, hummus, fresh cherries, crisps, shortbread and Gran Centenario Anejo tequila. Guys, let me tell you about this tequila. It’s smooth, slightly sweet and burns like a motherfucker going down. BC and I sat away from the candles in case we’d catch on fire by breathing on them.

Christmas dinner was hosted at BC’s, where BC’s mum slaved all day over a hot stove to make the most amazing Christmas dinner I’ve ever had. Before I get to the photos, let’s have a look at BC’s pickle tree.


The story goes something like this: One day, BC walked into a Bed, Bath & Table to find a box full of pickle-shaped Christmas ornaments. The helpful salesperson said that it’s tradition in Germany to hang pickles on the Christmas tree (note: I Googled this and apparently it’s a myth). BC, naturally, bought the whole lot – she now has the dubious distinction of being the only person in the whole of WA to have bought any, let alone multiple, pickle-shaped Christmas ornaments.

This is why I love her so much.


BC’s family is big on Christmas – check out the awesome decorations on the dinner table.


Everyone gets a cracker, a present and personalised reindeer gift tag.


BC’s mum kept insisting that the dinner is just “simple” – it’s not! We had roasted parsnips, broccolini, baked stuffing, Caesar salad and of course succulent roasted turkey. Everything was delicious.


This, however, is my favourite part of the meal – single-portion Bombe Alaska with a macadamia and cherry ice cream filling. This Bombe Alaska kicks arse, takes names and for good measure punches the face of any Christmas desserts in the history of all time.

Then we sat around chatting and drinking tea. Best Christmas ever.


13 Responses to “Perth 2009: A Very Merry Christmas”
  1. Go the pickle tree! Oh, and the food too =p

  2. haha old del paso christmas burritos, I like it
    bonus points for admitting to it

  3. wow!, She made individual bombe alaskas??! Very Impressive!

  4. Grace – I’m not ashamed, lol. For the record it was fucking delicious, though I half expected some sort of Foodie God to strike me with lightning and revoke my blogging license.

    I’ll do it again, too!

  5. Fantastic idea to have individual portions of the bombe alaska – I know if I had this I definitely would not share it!

  6. I really want a Christmas tree with pickles on it now. Lol. And individual bombe Alaska! *drools at calculation of caramelised meringue surface area*

  7. This looks like it would have been a great Christmas!

    Talk about a centre piece! No room on the table for the food, or at least that how it seems.

    You’ve said a lot of positive things about the bombe alaska (and some that remind me of Chuck Norris) but would you also say that it was the bomb? :P

    Bet it would have been so much fun torching each individual serve of the bombe alaska!

  8. That Bombe Alaska truly did steal the show… know of a good recipe for this giant treat???

  9. yep I’m sure the foodie police have you on their watch list now

  10. BusinessClass says

    Can I just say that ILU. SO MUCH

  11. LOL I love this comment “This Bombe Alaska kicks arse, takes names and for good measure punches the face of any Christmas desserts in the history of all time.”!

  12. What a feast! Love the cherry on the bombe alaska :)

  13. For those asking for recipes – unfortunately I don’t have it on me… but BusinessClass might be able to help out if her mum can part with the recipe? (hint hint)

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