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November 14th, 2009 by Rose

Newtown Festival 2009

Newtown Festival was on at the Camperdown Memorial Rest Park on the 8th of November. It was a day full of food, music, shopping and hipsters. I didn’t take many photos when I arrived (with the SO and Pimento in tow) because I stupidly left my camera memory card in my computer. I had to wait for my friend Cam (and gf May) and poach his camera off him for a bit.

A band that didn’t suck.

One of the few purveyors of food products. This was OK but a bit too healthy tasting if you know what I mean. I bought a spicy capsicum chilli relish from relish this and am very keen to try it out.

“Flavours of Brasil” stall with many delicious Portuguese snacks.

I got the beef empanada which had egg and olives along with tasty beef mince.

Everyone got very excited when they saw the German Sausage Hut, me in particular.

These my friends are what dreams are made of. As excited as I was, I just ended up stealing bites from the SO’s because I saw…


I’ve never had Cuban food so I have no idea as far as authenticity goes, but damn if this didn’t look good.

I ended up getting tamales, which is quite good (and really filling). The star of the dish though is the salsa that came with it. Cam ate it with a spoon it was that good.

We sat down for a bit to listen to music (until a shit band came on) and ate fudge. It was kind of… soft. Like I-don’t-think-it’s-supposed-to-do-that soft. We think it’s because of the heat so whatever, I was a bit more concerned with the fact that it was way too sweet for me.

We also had poffertjes which tasted way better than the ones we had at the Noodle Night Markets.

Cam and Pimento got greedy and got a chorizo roll. Holy shit this thing was amazing.

Me buying a super cute tote bag from the Cat Protection Society. Seriously though the CPS do amazing work and any spare change you can give these guys is money well spent.

After being rained on for the tenth time that day we decided it was time to leave. The Newtown Festival is well worth going to IMHO – I’m definitely going to try and come back next year.

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