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September 17th, 2009 by Rose

Today’s Dinner

Just to prove that I don’t just post backlogs of pics, here are some pictures of tonight’s dinner. My partner is home now after two weeks of being in Europe and he requested Asian food. I am of course awesome enough to indulge him.

The pictures are pretty awful because I’m a shit photographer the lighting in my kitchen is wonky. Behold my ghetto plating skills!


The platter in the middle is stir fried long beans with dried shrimp and chilli. It really was for me but Rob ate it with no complaints. Yes, I know the platter is too big.


Chicken rendang. It’s not the prettiest dish but it’s v. delicious. It takes 3 hours to cook so it should taste like it’s worth the effort!


Acar mentah (raw pickles) made with cucumber, pineapple, shallot and chilli.

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